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Bold margin trading on your terms, with fewer fees​. An expert trading platform with built-in safeguards to help you trade your way, paying rollover only on open trades, not when you borrow.​

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Crypto Margin Trading Explained

Margin Trading is for experienced, sophisticated investors with a risk-appetite that matches their trading skills. With this audience in mind, our expert traders have built a platform specifically for these bold traders.

  • Initially, on desktop, our trading platform enables all trading strategies.
  • Innovative visual tools to manage your positions, including our new MarginMeter
  • Real-time profit and loss and depth of market information
  • Plan thoughtfully by isolating your margin trading funds in a specific margin wallet
  • See your trading position in real-time, anytime
  • Use our new and intuitive MarginMeter to constantly assess your risk
  • Only pay rollover when you have an open trade, not when you borrow margin
  • No surprises or hidden fees

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Margin Trading Desktop First, Mobile App Soon!

We are excited to bring the initial release of this product on Desktop – offering multi-screen capability to trade like a pro. Starting with BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, and 5X leverage, we will be developing this platform in collaboration with our customers and regulators.